Blood Youth
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Blood Youth

English version : We’ve had a chat with Kaya Tarsus, singer of Blood Youth, on the rooftop of a boat in Paris, where they played two days ago. Opening for Neck Deep alongside Real Friends and As It Is, Kaya talked to us in this interview about his relation with the fans, writing lyrics and getting emotional.

WWPY!: Hey! How are you?

Kaya Tarsus: Hi! I’m tired! We left straight after the show from Amsterdam, but the road was really rocky, I was just in my bunk and it was moving a lot, so I didn’t sleep that much but yeah, I’m good.


WWPY!: You’re happy to be in Paris now then?

Kaya: I am yes.


WWPY!: Did you get a chance to explore the city a bit?

Kaya: No! We played in Paris twice and I never had the chance to walk around. I’ve never seen the Eiffel Tower!

WWPY!: Oh no! Well it’s something.

Kaya: Never seen it! So one day maybe, but every time we’ve played in Paris I’ve never seen anything apart from the venue. Next time!


WWPY!: Yeah next time. So how is the tour going?

Kaya: It’s good, we played two shows and they’ve been just crazy. So busy! And just really like… lively, with lots of energy, which is super cool!


WWPY!: What is it like to open for Neck Deep, Real Friends and As It Is? What changes between being an heavier band opening for softer bands compare to when you’re on tour with bands like While She Sleeps, Architects or Blessthefall for instance?

Kaya: Hum, it’s cool because we kind of get to play to a whole new crowd and we get to try and, you know, win them over? And I’m sure for some people it’s too heavy, but for some people they’re like; they come up to us and say ‘I wasn’t sure if I would like this’, but then they do and they have fun, they might be new fans, you know what I mean? But it’s also cool paying to our fans as well, of course we see them as well so yeah, it’s good!


WWPY!: You never know, it might be a great surprise! How did you end up on this tour?

Kaya: We just asked, and you know we’re really good friends with Neck Deep as well and I think they just wanted to change a bit for Europe. Plus we do a lot of shows in Europe as well so it just worked really well.


WWPY!: Can’t wait to see that. Well I’ve seen so many people saying Blood Youth is going to get really big in the next few months and that you’re just too underrated at the moment, you know what I mean? How does that make you feel?

Kaya: I hope so! Sure yeah. Really, it’s really nice, it’s really great to hear and see that. I hope so. I have bills to pay so hopefully! Haha but no really, it is super cool. I like hearing that, it’s nice.


WWPY!: Yeah that must be comforting as well. What’s your relation with your fans and the people who support you like?

Kaya: It’s good! We always come out and chat after the shows, and everything like that, and you know sometimes it gets really personal for people and they come and tell us what a song means to them and what it helped them through, and that’s… you know, that’s amazing! I love that really. If we can help people, then that’s incredible. Also we just like seeing people having a really good time!


WWPY!: That’s great. Your first album Beyond Repair came out a few months ago now; do you remember what it felt like the day it was finally released everywhere?

Kaya: It was incredible because I didn’t sleep at all that night. Because I was soooo nervous, and we all met each other in the centre of the city and we went to the record store and we saw it on display! And we were like ‘Woooowww! That’s so crazy!


WWPY!: Where you confident about it or were you like “Oh god what if no one likes it!?”

Kaya: Yeah I mean, all of that goes through your head. Without sounding cocky we knew it was a good album because we knew it was an album that our fans wanted to hear. But sure, I was thinking about it, it’s like you listen to it so much and you start judging yourself and you’re like ‘oh no that’s shit, oh no that’s not good’!

WWPY!: You start noticing details.

Kaya: Yeah exactly, tiny little things that don’t matter really!


WWPY!: So what’s the next goal you want to reach as a band?

Kaya: What’s going on next? Well you know, there’s a few things that I’m not allowed to say yet, but it’s mostly just more touring, and more writing, obviously we’re going to write another album. But at the moment we’re just enjoying playing songs from this album, playing old songs, and… just touring! We like things to happen naturally, we don’t want to go ‘this is what we’re going to do now’ we’re more like ‘okay we have enough materials for another album now’. That will be cool.


WWPY!: Great! There’s a line in one of your song that really strikes me: “My heart is closed to everyone I see, this is what I call Insanity.” I couldn’t really make up my mind about that notion of insanity, what does it represent to you?

Kaya: That’s the thing with our lyrics. I like to leave it open so it can mean whatever you want it to mean. But when I was writing that, I was in a place where I didn’t want to be in a relationship anymore. I didn’t want to do anything anymore, because I was sick of breaking up with people, and I was sick of going though that with people. But then also, I kind of like people very quickly? So when I see someone and I start, you know, dating them and bla-bla-bla I’m really like… And I think that’s so crazy, because you shouldn’t be so open and involved like that. But… in that song as well, I say, now it’s closed! It’s done! No more with that business. That’s what I wanted it to be I was just sick of it, sick of people.

WWPY!: Yeah I understand that. Well that’s a really beautiful line.

Kaya: Thank you!

WWPY!: But how do you manage to open up about it in your songs? Like such personal issues, and important issues as well?

Kaya: Hum… I’m not really sure. It’s just being really open with it. Uh, I was kind of really scared at first, when we first started, because a lot of things I wrote were really personal. I mean they still are really personal and I’m literally singing about it every single night. And it heals! Like it doesn’t just heal the fans, it heals me as well! It’s not fake at all. Everything we’ve ever written about has happened to me in my life, so yeah it’s really personal but I thing it’s a really good thing to let it out. It’s like; you know when someone says when you’re really angry you should just scream? I get to do that every single night! I play the show and then just fall; I pass out some certain time haha so yeah.


WWPY!: Truly awesome haha! What’s your favourite place to write? What does it look like?

Kaya: In coffee shops! I can only write in coffee shops.


WWPY!: Is there one special coffee shop you like to go or any coffee shop is good?

Kaya: Huuum, probably any, but when I wrote Beyond Repair I wrote it all just at the coffee shop just down the road where I live, and I would have like three coffees and be really anxious and I’d start hating myself and writing the album! I have to be in a public place because I have to look at people and take it all in. If I write in just a room on my own, it’s too quiet and it’s too distractive.

WWPY!: It’s funny because people would think that a coffee shop is what is distracting compare to a quiet room.

Kaya: Yeah it’s right but it actually helps me write because I look at what people are doing and how they’re looking at each other…

WWPY!: Get some inspiration.

Kaya: Exactly! It’s cool.


WWPY!: Yeah it’s fun! Thanks a lot for those great answers. The last question is We Will Punk You!’s favourite as we like to talk about international music as much as we can on our blog; do you listen to any non-english speaking artists?

Kaya: Oh wow!

WWPY!: Yeah it’s usually a tough one haha.

Kaya: Let me think. Oh wait, let me look at my phone, because I’m sure I do… Uh, I listen to Gojira? But they do sing in English, don’t they… ahhhh! Hum. You know what? I’m not sure if I do? I feel like I would though. Who would you give as an example?

WWPY!: Hum well.

Kaya: Haha, turned it back! Do you listen to any?

WWPY!: Yes I do haha, the answers we got from asking this question to other bands are like… there’s a French band that came up twice; Kyo? We’ve had One Ok Rock, Sigur Rós…

Kaya: I’ve had an interview just then and he was like ‘what’s your favourite French band?’ and I was like ‘uuuhh I don’t know’ haha I felt really bad. Hard question, I can’t think of any but I’ll think about it and look into it!

WWPY!: Okay! Perfect then. Well, thank you very much for your time! I’ll see you on stage.

Kaya: Thank you very much, yes!



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Auxane Beau

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