Grayscale – adornment (English version)
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Grayscale – adornment (English version)

Grayscale released this Friday May 5, 2017 their second album, Adornment, which follows What We’re Missing (2016) as well as their first EP Change (2015). The band, signed to Fearless Records alongside many names such as Real Friends, Mayday Parade, As It Is and Pierce The Veil, reveals a total of eleven pop-punk songs whose writing is just as good as the bests.

Collin Walsh (vocals), Dallas Molster (guitar / vocals), Andrew Kyne (guitar), Nick Veno (drums) and Nick Ventimiglia (bass) started Grayscale in 2011 while they were still in high school. Alongside producer Kyle Black [known in particular for his work on State Champs’s album Around The World And Back and on Get Lost, Find Yourself by the French band Chunk! No, Captain Chunk !], they reveal convincing, emotional and personal tracks, a good mastery of their instruments, and above all, lyrics with which it is usual to identify with.


The album opens with Let It Rain, not much original melodically but very intriguing. “Bring the rain and let it wash me away”, resonates like a call for renewal; we can imagine a bitter past history, seeking to be forgotten. The second track on the album stands out from the other tracks in that it cleverly mixes the voice of singer Collin with the voice of another artist we love: Patty Walters (As It Is). It is a very nice song that makes you want to sing along, bringing together a catchy, dynamic melody and a chorus that easily comes to mind.

The album’s debut single, Atlantic, released in late March along with the group’s announcement of them signing with Fearless Records, shows promise. It is one of the best pop punk songs we have had the opportunity to hear at the start of the year. The overall production of the album is really successful, and it shows particularly on this track. The drums is catchy, echoing perfectly throughout the song; it is the kind of song that makes you want to air drum and scream at the top of your lungs. Through lyrics like “This place feels more and more like nowhere to me, I’m sick of waiting for a fire to ignite. I could just leave here without a goodbye” or “I want to go, run from this panic, I need the unknown.Atlantic makes you want to discover the world, go on adventures, and escape the daily routine. It is a suitable song for wandering souls and adventurous spirits. The feeling is similar with other titles like Fever Dream, or Beautiful Things, whose construction is close. These are songs that have character, and for various reasons inspire nature and freedom – a real artistic success.

Forever Yours, on the other hand, stands out well from the rest of the album by its slower and more melancholy acoustic melody. We cannot listen lines such as “All promises, wishes under the covers; we were pretending, my love, but it was real to me“, without heartache; but our favorite lyrics are definitely in Sleep: “I fight to sleep as you fight to stay awake, my tired eyes are weakening but there were flashes before you left me.

It is hard to listen to this album without having a person or a memory in mind for each song. Most of the songs were written about the lyricist’s relationship, or about places that have marked him (Beautiful Things, Fever Dream, Slept…) The album ends brilliantly with If I Ever See You Again, which Collin defines as a “fuck you”, compared to the other songs on the album.

The tracks that stand out very clearly from the album and that we already cannot stop listening to are Forever Yours, Slept and Atlantic. The album structure is skillful and punchy, and the band’s efforts in producing Adornment are widely appreciated. We will for sure add this one on our 2017 favorite album list!

Auxane Beau
Auxane Beau

J'aime beaucoup trop d'artistes pour pouvoir en faire une liste ici mais retenez déjà Casey et Boston Manor, ça ira pour commencer !