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Stand Atlantic

We Will Punk You! had a chat with Bonnie, Jonno and Potter, from australian band Stand Atlantic when they played their first Parisian show on May the 23rd. Opening for State Champs’ tour alongside Knuckle Puck, they were welcome at La Maroquinerie with open arms and we can’t wait to see them again on their next venue in November !
We Will Punk You!: Hi! Stand Atlantic is a quite young band and we’re starting to hear about you a lot over here in Europe while you just signed to Rude Records, released your EP Sidewinder and started touring with great international bands in the scene like Roam, As It is, now State Champs… How does it make you feel and how is the band evolving now?
Bonnie Fraiser: It’s been insane like I feel like ever since we wrote this EP everything just kind of snowballed and like everything just kept getting better and better. We signed to Rude obviously, and that just pushed thing to another level like, we never expected to be overseas on just an EP, it was just insane!
Jonno Panichi: Let alone for the second time.
Bonnie: Yeah it’s our second time here as well!
Jonno: It just feels so surreal like you know we’re starting to do everything we wanted to do and…
Bonnie: It’s really cool, it feels good.
WWPY!: I can imagine! So you just played the Galaxy Camp Festival. Did you have fun?
Bonnie: It was so sick!!
Jonno: It was awesome.
Bonnie: Cologne, oh my god!
WWPY!: Things got wild! This show was…wow!
Bonnie: Cologne was so sick… Oh, you were there?!
WWPY!: Yeah, it was so impressive to see you open that festival day, and before you even arrived on stage people were already over excited! Germans are wild. I wish there was more crowds like that!
Bonnie: Every time we play there, which has only been twice, but like every time it’s just been so insane, things go off in Cologne!
Jonno: I mean, Cologne was like the first place we played outside of Australia and we had kids crowd surfing from the very start…
Bonnie: So then when we played there for a second time in front of a bigger crowd it was like…
Jonno: it was just insane it blows us away!
WWPY!: You played Germany before playing the UK?
Both: Yeah!
Bonnie: Yeah, the first show was in Cologne the last time we were there.
David Potter:  Wasn’t it Karlsruhe?
Jonno: Oh yes, my bad, sorry, my bad!
WWPY!: And you’re playing Slam Dunk this week-end!
Jonno: Yeah.
WWPY!: Which is quite an impressive step for a young band!
Bonnie: Very yeah.

WWPY!: So how did you get on that stage with Rocksound and all that?
Bonnie: It’s just like, our booking agent kind of sorted it out and and our manager pushed further. Especially it’s because Rocksound have always been supportive of us so it was like “Hey do you guys want to be on our stage?” And we were like “Yeaaah obviously” hahaha. So yeah, it’s very cool and we’re very lucky.
WWPY!: Have you ever been to that festival before?
Both: No never!
Bonnie: Have you guys ever been?
WWPY!: Yeah,it’s the best event of the year!
Bonnie: Everyone says that! We are too excited
Jonno: We are really excited about it
WWPY!: is there any bands you’re excited to see?
Bonnie: Hum.. I’ve never seen PVRIS so I’m really looking forward to, I think we clash with them on one day but I’ll see them on another one.
Potter: I really wanna see Creeper as well, it’d be really cool
Bonnie: There’s heaps of bands even on the Breakout Stage, there’s so many bands I wanna see as well. Grayscale!
WWPY!: Yeah it’s an awesome line up, Chapel are good,…The Faim! They’re from australia as well…

WWPY!: So what’s the main reason why you wanted to do music in the first place?
Bonnie: I don’t really know, my dad personally, …and Jonno’s dad as well, like our parents were musicians so we kind of just grew up around that kind of thing and I just fell into I don’t even understand. It’s the only thing I’ve ever done that I’ve never quit, so I’m like “Yeah, this is sick I wanna just keep going!”. I’ve always been drawn to music for some reasons.
Jonno: I think that’s the same with me, I kinda grew up going to my dad sound checks and gigs and even though it wasn’t the same style of music I kinda just grew up around it and it’s just something that was natural to me. I tried a lot of different things and I just kept on coming back to music!
Bonnie: What about you potter? hahaha.
Potter: I don’t know it’s just fun!
Bonnie: True.
Potter: Really no other reasons, I just started playing guitar and  I was like “This is sick” and then I didn’t stop and here I am.

WWPY!: Have you ever had any difficulties? In being able to do you music? And to live from it?
Bonnie: Yeah, like in the early days, I don’t know if you know this but before we even wrote the Sidewinder EP, we were on the verge of breaking up, we were in the shittiest place.
Jonno: Yeah we were having a lot of problems.
Bonnie: And then we wrote this EP and thought “Oh this is sick!” and then it kinda sparked out and refreshed out our love for it and a lot of things. There’s that so there’s always gonna be hardships especially in Australia… because being a local band there, it’s just so difficult! You’re so far away from everything and you have to work twice as hard to be heard overseas I guess, so yeah there’s always gonna be hardships.

WWPY!: How did you end up doing that kind of music? Because you said that you were working with your father, but on a different kind of scene, how did you end up on that pop-punk scene?
Jonno: I don’t even know! Like, my dad is a Jazz musician so I grew up going to Jazz concerts and all that, and then I guess through my older brother I got introduced to Blink 182 and Silverchair, that sort of style, and then from that I grew, and got my own love for music and different kinds of genres and.. I went through it all but ultimately pop punk has always been the one that I kept on coming back to I guess!
Bonnie: It pretty much was the same for me, I started getting into Good Charlotte and bands like that when I was really young. I was in a band when I was like 12, it was super cringy and we would practice something like one song and then go watch this DVD of GC haha. From then on I was like “Siiiiick!”. I definitely think that DVD and watching bands on tour helped and really made me wanna do it a lot more as well.
Potter: That Parkway Drive DVD was the best one!

Jonno: For me it was a Simple Plan DVD but you know.. it’s definitely made so you watch it and you’re like “Yeah this is what I wanna do”.

WWPY!: This is super cool! So you recently released your EP Sidewinder and there’s a song on it called that as well. It’s a word I’m unfamiliar with so I looked at a few definition online, but I still struggle to understand it as there is no translation for it.
Bonnie: Oh yeah a lot of people tell me that!
WWPY!: I ended up thinking it must be about the snake right?
Bonnie: Yeah!
WWPY!: So that explains the album artwork then!
Bonnie: Yes! And it’s also a potato so… hahaha!
WWPY!: I found so many meanings for the word like it was a military operation as well or something. But there’s a snake on the cover so it must be the snake?
Bonnie: Yes it is!

WWPY!: So what does it mean to you and why did you choose to name the song AND the EP like that?
Bonnie: I don’t really know haha, I think I was just researching shit and I came across the word and I was like “That word is really cool” and then later when I was writing I came back to that word and I was like “Okay I wanna freaking fit it into a song somehow” and I did and then… I guess I named the EP that as well because of the track… It was just really random, I wish I had a better story for it but it was literally just because the word was cool.
Jonno: We didn’t even know what it meant properly until when we were in the studio and Bonnie told us that it was a snake.
Potter: I still don’t know what half of our songs are about, I’ve never bothered haha, I’ve learned the guitar parts and that’s about it.
Jonno: Yeah I remember she was tracking vocals and our producer was like “Hey what’s a Sidewinder?” And she was like “Oh it’s a snake…”.
Bonnie: There you go… Education!

WWPY!: Would you say the EP is called like that because Sidewinder, the song, it the one that’s the most relevant for the EP?
Bonnie: Yeah I think it’s the one that kinda sums it up better and it was also the first song we wrote for the EP, it was a little sentimental so…
WWPY!: And it’s the coolest name too!
Bonnie: Yeah! Exactly.. it’s a unique name.

WWPY!: So you’re a trio, but on stage you also have a touring musician?
Both: Yes!
WWPY!: Why did you choose to have this formation and to work with someone else on the live aspect?
Bonnie: Originally, Potter plays Bass and I play guitar and obviously our music is kind of like a little oh.. I don’t wanna say heavy but like we need two guitars basically, so Potter goes on guitar and then we got our friends Mikey to play bass for us live. It just fills out the sound more and we’d rather have an extra member actually playing live than putting it on like backing tracks and anything so yeah…
Jonno: I guess it’s kinda possible because it’s sort of come full circle for us because if it wasn’t for Mikey, I wouldn’t be in the band as well so you know…
Bonnie: Now he gets to tour with us !
WWPY!: And you never thought of including him into the band like, in the writing process ands stuff like that. Just touring?
Bonnie: We have, we’ve discussed it but I think at the end of the day we kinda like being a three piece and Mikey is really chill and we can just have him come on tour with us whenever so it’s cool.

WWPY!: Do you sometimes find yourself struggling to write a song or to be creative? Like, are you unable to express your creativity to the fullest and do you get the blank page syndrome sometimes?
Bonnie: Oh, do you mean writers block?

WWPY!: Oh yeah that’s how you call it ahah!

Bonnie: Yeah I do have that all the time it’s fucking shit! Usually what I always do is like if I’m kinda starting to write something and then I’m just like “Ugh! It’s not happening!” I just step away from it and take my brain on a break. Then I come back to it and that always works… always!
Jonno: Our producer really helps as well. We have a really good producer and everytime we want to go write we go with him.
WWPY!: Who is he?
Both: It’s Stevie Knight, he did our last EP and is doing all the fun and stuff for the new project.
WWPY!: Oh he works with a lot of small band from Australia!
Bonnie: Oh yeah! Little Sea, With Confidence as well…Between You And Me’s new album! Good stuff, good guy!
WWPY!: He’s famous haha.
Bonnie: Yeah! He deserves the fame.

WWPY!: What can we expect next from you guys like, is there an album on the way?
Bonnie: I can’t give away too much but we’re definitely having new music out this year, for sure, but yeah I can’t say when or how or why or what…
WWPY!: Are you happy with it? Is it done?
Bonnie: Hum.. yeah…
Jonno: It’s written but has not been recorded yet.
Bonnie: There are still some touch ups and stuff to be done .
WWPY!: But are you happy with it?
Bonnie: Oh, yeah.
Jonno: The foundations are definitely laid we’ll put it that way.
WWPY!: Should we expect anything different or the continuity of what you’ve been doing so far?
Jonno: No it’s pretty much the same we’re just kind of experimenting a lot more. Probably the only real difference is that it could be more dynamic now like our EP was very full on and just like heavy heavy heavy like all the way through…

Potter : There’s a lot more kind of soft parts in this one.
WWPY!: So the same but growing up.

Bonnie: Yeah exactly!
WWPY!: that’s what we want!
Bonnie: Hope that everyone likes it! *laughs*

WWPY!: Alright! Sick. So like we said earlier, We Will Punk You! is a french blog, so we’re trying to know if the bands we listen to are listening to non-English speaking artists like do you know anyone that sings in French or in Spanish or whatever, just not in English?
Potter: The only french band I know is Chunk! No, Captain Chunk.
WWPY!: They’re french, it’s true, but Chunk! sing in English though! That’s the answer everyone gives us, and when it’s not Chunk, it’s Phoenix because they’re French, or Daft Punk.
Jonno: Oh, I listen to Phoenix but I had no idea they were French!
Bonnie: I don’t know any French bands I feel really bad.
WWPY!: It doesn’t have to be French but like Spanish or Korean or Japanese bands…
Jonno: We know a lot of Japanese bands, especially because Mikey our bass player is Japanese!
Bonnie: He shows us all the good bands… Babymetal…  Maximum The Hormone! One Ok Rock don’t count, do they?
WWPY!: They do, they have non-English songs.
Bonnie: I’m very uncultured.
WWPY!: Honestly that’s a good score, everyone sings in english. We’ve had one band talking about an African band and that was pretty much it…

Jonno: Japan is quite close to us we probably get to know more of those bands.
WWPY!: The only other band that mentioned One Ok Rock is Sleeping With Sirens.
Bonnie: Sleeping with sirens?
WWPY!: Yeah, they said One Ok Rock.
Bonnie: Ohhh! I thought you meant they were French i was like “Are they???” What was that band we saw, that japanese band?
Potter: Oh, King Brothers? They’re amazing, absolutely, like that venue was almost destroyed after they play. Their songs are in japanese and I don’t know it was too crazy, it was an experience that’s for sure!
WWPY!: Great cool, thanks a lot! That’s all our questions!  Is there anything else you want to say? It’s your moment, promote your band!
Bonnie: Okay hum… Merci… *laughs* Thank you for listening and check us out on Spotify and Facebook and all the places it’s just @Standatlantic!

Interview: Auxane Beau & Clémentine Tricaud

Retranscription : Naomi Hadietou

Auxane Beau
Auxane Beau

J'aime beaucoup trop d'artistes pour pouvoir en faire une liste ici mais retenez déjà Casey et Boston Manor, ça ira pour commencer !