COIN: dreamland (english version)
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COIN: dreamland (english version)

COIN is an American indie pop rock band that got itself talked about pretty soon with their 2015 single Run and then blew up overnight with the catchy Talk Too Much in 2016. Sunny pop songs to follow you during your vacations, on festivals and other roadtrips. That’s what you get with COIN 

After a non negligible number of opening acts, festivals, and tours COIN decides to give us Dreamland their third album. A bit early for summer plans, I guess, but hey the music is good so let’s go !

COIN Dreamland album

Into My arms is where the adventure to our dream land begins. And we are transported to a world of 80s drum machines, 80s synths and other cool samples from this era. We start with a dreamy and mysterious atmosphere that ends up being a careless catchy pop song which is the refreshing COIN technique. Into My arms is playful just like the next tune Simple Romance. The minute this song starts we just want to flirt, roll the pants higher, and dance. 

I Want It All gives us this triumphant bridge, this dantesque waltz of instruments between guitars, synth, trumpets, you name it! 

Here is the thing, this new opus gives us what we havee known COIN for. Plus an extra layer of synth, new sounds, minimalistic drums, delicate attention, interludes and pop-softness. But more importantly a variety of indie subgenres going from lo-fi to new wave through synthpop. All of these make this album more spacious and fits good with… cheese. Not because we are French but because this album is very cheesy and very much a dream(y)land ! 

We continue our listening and we finally catch on what has been wrong all this time. As good as the songs are they are being unnecessarily dragged like Youuu or Never Change. Talking about Never Change, this new wave gem shows the band need to explore their more retro side and I love it! 

Nobody’s Baby feels like those 2010’s pop rock songs and is reminiscent of the COIN of 2015. Yet another pro for the band, to be able to play with old sounds just like they did too.
Interludes during this album is what’s new and what feels right. They feel like an extra gift given to us listeners. You would have thought that these interludes add to the feeling of “songs being dragged out” but I swear it does not. Surprisingly it adds to this atmospheric vibe the album has.

Babe Ruth looks like a smooth mix between Mike Posner and Mac DeMarco, while Let It All Out is vulnerable and full of hope. A minute on our feet on planet earth happens around 1:30min when the acoustic guitar kicks in and then BOOM we are flying again, taking off with a gospel and a beautiful set of strings. In that moment we are hurled in a beautiful moment of music where we can let it all out; every overwhelming thoughts and emotions, everything.
There is definitely a trend of indie bands going synthwave and exploring the 80’s/90’s and COIN is following the trend but with their own vision. It is their capability of catching the ears of fans of The 1975, Wallows, The Cure etc. and still being able to have a grip on their roots from 2010’s pop rock scene that makes this album Dreamland a beautiful refine one to share.