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Wake up, Sunshine“… some nice words that most of us if not the majority wouldn’t refuse to hear when we wake up. This is the title of the new All Time Low album which was released this Friday April 3rd.

In order to promote a new album, the 4 members usually like to do signings, acoustic performances and other events but because of the lockdown, it’s difficult to plan such things. Despite this, the Americans explain that they did not want to delay the release deadline of the opus, – which we are grateful for – and instead they did things differently: Alex, Jack and Zack hosted a live each on Instagram, in which their other bandmates appear (including Rian!). The band interacted with their fans before introducing them to one of the tracks of the album. While Some Kind of Disaster, Sleeping In and Getaway Green had already been shared, it’s Melancholy Kaleidoscope, Trouble Is and Wake Up, Sunshine that were revealed.

The Renegades era is definitely over. We let the dreamy and dark side as well as the neon lights of Last Young Renegade to now make room for the sun in an album with a taste of summer which spread fun and good vibes. All Time Low‘s 8th studio album is here and here is what we think!


The album opens with Some Kind Of Disaster, the band’s first single. A soft and light entry that operates as a transition between Last Young Renegade and Wake Up, Sunshine while referring to the past, present and future of the group. At the beginning of the video, the following sentence appears “In an empty room, with all of you, I let myself begin again.” suggesting a nod to the writing process of this new opus: the Americans had all four isolated themselves in a house for creating it. Unless it’s a nod to their fans (or both at the same time) who, despite the sounds the band have tried out lately, are still there to support them. This is what leads me to believe that this song is also, in a sense, addressed to their fans, especially with the lyrics of the chorus. “And it’s all my fault that I’m still the one you want / So what are you after? / Some kind of disaster”.

The second track is Sleeping In, which also happens to be the band’s second single released. Quite calm verses for a dynamic and catchy chorus with a very present rhythmic: a mix that works!

The next one is Getaway Green, a song I already knew from having heard it live at the Slam Dunk Festival last year (note: first time the song was revealed to the public). Although the band had managed to get me involved in their performance, I always like to know the lyrics in advance but the studio version is equally convincing. The verses seem rather laid back as the tension gradually builds up during the pre-choruses to deliver a catchy chorus that would even make me want to hit the road, windows open and music blowing through the speakers. This third track fits in perfectly after Sleeping In.

Melancholy Kaleidoscope and Safe both sound as darker songs but still want to spread positivity. The strong energy and fast rhythm of Melancholy Kaleidoscope contrast with the overall slightly darker vibe that emanates from it. But overall the lyrics remain encouraging and make you want to do what it takes to get better, perhaps through music, at a concert, and to spread this feeling around you.

Trouble Is and Wake Up, Sunshine are two energetic songs with a strong rhythm. A real treat. The eponymous title brings a rock’n’roll aspect and a strong message linked to validation. It appears as a reassuring hymn. You don’t need the validation of others to live. Live for yourself. We are all important and there’s no need to pretend to be someone else, someone loves or will love us for who we are. “Everyone wants to be somebody / I just want you to see how good you are / You don’t have to lean on the crutch of a daydream / To see that you shine like a star

Monsters is the first featuring of this album with hip-hop artist blackbear. One might have wondered why such a choice but it is impossible to deny that it adds something to the song and takes it in a different perspective, maybe even a different atmosphere than the rest of the album. Pretty Venom is much calmer and seems like a break. The rhythm and the melody give an aspect of lightness as if we were in a dream. Then, it set out again on something a little more dynamic with Favorite Place, the second collaboration of this album with The Band Camino, while keeping this light and dreamy dimension.

January Gloom and Summer Daze, on the other hand, seem both close and terribly opposed. One sounds like a question, a kind of call for help to get out of an unpleasant state of mind, while the other refers to the nostalgia for a moment appreciated, which, like all good things had to come to an end.

Clumsy starts off very playfully and sounds like a statement from someone who takes responsibility for their past actions and admits their mistakes, maybe a statement to fans or to a romantic relationship? It is followed by Glitter & Crimson the romantic ballad of the album enlightened by the bridge: a judicious and powerful addition both melodically and vocally, which perfectly breaks the sweetness of the song and which we probably would have missed if it hadn’t been there.

Basement Noise closes this 8th opus like a sweet and happy ending. The lyrics suggest that this is a song about them, the four members of the band and their musical journey but perhaps it also refers to the process of writing the album. Just four boys making noise in a basement.

The band’s influences are easily reflected in this new album with a great production, whether melodically, rhythmically or vocally speaking. The guitar riffs and the rhythm part alternate happily throughout the 15 tracks. The lyrics are also an aspect that should not be overlooked. A lot of the lyrics seems to be relationship-based and you might think of it as the songwriter’s relationships: romantic relationship (real or made up), relationship with band members or even the band’s relationship with its fans. Several themes are addressed by All Time Low in this opus such as melancholy and evolution as well as the notions of love, friendship, sorrow but also and above all – hope.

The listening is fluid from start to finish, and the band easily gets me with them in this seemingly positive and cheerful new era. If the first songs sound pop punk, the four artists prove to us that this is not the only string in their bow and it is nice to have a band that knows how to experiment and renew itself on this scene. Now I am just waiting to be able to discover this album live!

Our favorites : Melancholy Kaleidoscope, Wake Up Sunshine, Monsters, Clumsy, Glitter & Crimson


1. Some Kind Of Disaster
2. Sleeping In
3. Getaway Green
4. Melancholy Kaleidoscope
5. Trouble Is
6. Wake Up, Sunshine
7. Monsters (ft. blackbear)
8. Pretty Venom (Interlude)
9. Favorite Place (ft. The Band Camino)
10. Safe
11. January Gloom (Seasons, Pt. 1)
12. Clumsy
13. Glitter & Crimson
14. Summer Daze (Seasons, Pt. 2)
15. Basement Noise.


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