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This is the latest gem found by We Will Punk You: Dayseeker. The band find itself in the scope of metalcore and post-hardcore in the range of bands such as Wage War, Thice or Polaris. Though the emotional and personal touch brough in the songs will make the difference. If you haven’t been swept off your feet already – get ready to discover a promising band with an impressive background.

Dayseeker are exploring a “poppier” and more melodic sound with their latest album, Sleeptalk. It has everything you need to make you move, sing and cry at the same time. And hopefully soon – mosh. The album opens with Drunk, a perfect introduction what this opus is all about. The song itself conveys a personal story told with emotion by the singer and songwriter, Rory Rodriguez, elevated by a melodic instrumental. Rory shares his perspective of seeing his father balancing the damage of his cancer with alcohol. The emotional dimesion is emphasized by a soft and repeated rhythm and a synth production. A light tone is being settled until everything gets disrupt with an assert drumming and a raucous guitar – sort of the Dayseeker signature. This effect is designed in a poppier and more upbeat sound. You can also find that in title track of the album, Sleeptalk. The storytelling is still present alongside a pop scheme : verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus… As much as the pattern bring nothing innovative, the song’s performance will still stand out. The track keep old building itself with elements adding up to an already outstanding guitar riff from Gino Sgambelluri. On top of that, the singing and screaming parts are finely well done. The subtility of the song is generated by the dreamy effet of the production. Listen closely and more elements will surface. The album will work a lot on this pattern and thematic – with a sense of lightness in the rhythm, lyrics are highligthed on songs such as Burial Plot, Already Numb or Starving To Be Empty.

The whole listening of the album is a rollercoaster. Especially when it comes to the band’s metalcore origins when they’re dived in the Sleeptalk effect. The Ember Glows is slowly building a tension, like a heart trying to beat through all the hurt. The interlude is slowing merging into The Color Black leading the album to a whole new level. The song stands out thanks to its heaviness, the screaming parts and the genious of the bass (Ramone Valerio) and drums (Mike Karle). The guitar will also get its moment to shine with a surprising and mesmerizing riff. Metalcore fans, this one is for you.

You need more ? Fine. Gates of Ivory will give you everything you need : seizing screams perfectly balanced with outstanding cleans. Oh, and a guitar solo to go with your headbang. And if you’re in need of a stirring lead guitar, Crooked Soul is there for you. The vocal performance seems to cover Rory’s incredible range. The perfect collision of every instruments is what makes this song so powerful – each element is brought like it’s the most important aspect of the song. But it’s the encounter of it all that is breathtaking. And this live performance will only prove that to you :

The album reaches its peak with an emotional and musical explosion with the last track, Crash And Burn. Melancoly is felt through a nostalgic instrumental marked by a subtle piano – getting more and more intense throughout the song. The guitar and rhythm section stays mellow to highlight the storytelling. You need to hear it to live it. The stress of the instruments and the arrival of a guitar riff will make you lose your mind. And it’s not over yet. It was only the calm before the storm. The song and the emotion that comes with it keep on escalating to get to an explosive and frenetic culmination. In only one song, Dayseeker manage to create an instrumental and vocal narrative where every part of the song outbid the previous one.

Sleeptalk presents itself as years of work to get to a more experimental record with a pop genre structure, post-hardcore inspiration and more clean singing parts. The album covers the each members’ extraordinary talent – and the result is majestic. Repetitives listen stay captivating by every subtle elements in the mix. The experience only gets better and more alluring each time. Trying to put this masterpiece on paper could never be enough to do justice to it – a listen is worth a thousand words.

Sleeptalk is just another milestone in Dayseeker‘s musical journey. Previous records showed a mastered and breathtaking type of metalcore. Espescially with Dreaming Is Sinkin//Waking Is Rising that instantly became one of my favorite album of all time. And it’s just a glimpse at the band’s phenomenal and diverse discography. The band covers important human topics such as mental health (Origin), sexual harrasment (Vultures), addiction (The Earth Will Turn), religion (A God Without A Face), cancer (A Cancer Uncontained) or romantic break-ups (Abandon). It’s a fautless live for Dayseeker.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of must-listen songs to experience the band’s universe : Sleep In The Sea Pt. II ft. Garrett Russell (2017), Waking is Rising (2017), The World Was Quiet (2015), The Burning of Bridges (2015), Incinerate (2013)

Diane Houziaux
Diane Houziaux

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