BEARINGS: HELLO, IT’S YOU (English Version)
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BEARINGS: HELLO, IT’S YOU (English Version)

Pop punk is alive and well – and you can thank Bearings for it. After an highly acclaimed debut album, the Canadian quintet is releasing their sophomore album, Hello It’s You, on November 20th. Let’s dive into an album that explores the depth and scope of the genre.

After being on the road with bands like State Champs, Set It Off, Grayscale or Seaway to the rhythm of bangers and pop punk anthems of Blue In The Dark, it is now time for Bearings to walk towards their second opus, Hello It’s You (Pure Noise Records). And it’s exactly what we need to get our mind off of this autumn’s gloomy and rainy days. The album opens with Better Yesterday: a pop punk track – no surprise there but we will definitely jam to it. The positive vibes reminds us of some of the greatest bands of the scene such as Knuckle Puck, With Confidence or Neck Deep – the melody of the lead guitar will soothe and move you at the same time.

In the same spirit, the album goes on with Sway and Super Deluxe – two singles released throughout 2020 to introduce the album to the world. The pop punk journey goes on with heady chorus, instruments that perfectly complete each others and two voices brought by Doug Cousins and Ryan Culligan to add more depth and contrast. Production will make you enjoy the chorus as much as the verses (Collin Hane‘s bass on the second verse of Sway is *chief’s kiss*). The band achieved a faultless performance regarding the genre’s scheme: lively rhythms, lyrics that we will scream to the top of our lungs live while doing our best dance moves. Those aspects are conflicting with the lyrics dealing with the depth of hurting from a relationship or accepting the loss of it. Basically, we are hooked by the fun sounding quality of the music while feeling torn by the depth of the lyrics. What best could you ask for ? Thank you Bearings for this blast of feelings.

Another side of the pop punk genre will show its face on songs like So Damn Wrong or Love Me Like You Did with slower patterns and a feeling of ponderousness. Since their last album, the band has welcomed two new members: Mike McKerracher (drums) and Ryan Fitz (guitar) – and Love Me Like You Did will highlight those new talents. The focus and intensity of the rhythm section helps into making us feel the pain brought by the lyrics and the passion of Doug’s voice. The drumming is going crazy – and it’s a real delight.

It’s not the only novelty that the band has brought. In spite of the pressure of writing a sophomore album, Bearings are experimenting and developing their sound towards a more Californian type of pop punk and are adding some more electronical effects. Fans will be surprised by songs such as Dreams where the band is leaning towards a pop/emo/electronical sound. But I Feel It All – that came out in 2019 – should have given us an idea on where the band would take us next with a more innovative production. They will keep on surprising us with Lovely Lovely. The first few seconds will make you think “oh this is the acoustic song of the album, i’ll get the tissues” until a few moments later, right in the middle of the verse, where the instruments are making their appearance. We are brought in a 5 Seconds of Summer / Broadside kind of vibe where we are soothed by the storytelling during the verses before going back to a repetitive chorus that will get stuck in our head.

The album represents musically and lyrically the back and forth of the end of a relationship, torn between the hurt and the acceptance. The storytelling from each song is heard and lived. And the structure of the album itself support this idea. The nostalgia can be felt, especially in Over Now – which is probably one of strongest and majestic song of the record. The feel-good anthems seems to be centered around the melodic guitars while emotionally heavier songs are intensified by the rhythm section. On this song, it’s an explosion of both. The passion can be heard on Doug‘s voice and lyrics such as “I need to see the shadow in a different light” are hitting close to home. The feeling of resignation is here but for the good reasons: he seems to find his peace of mind. The album closes on Transient Colours – and what an end ! It is a fierce combination of everything the band has tried to prove throughout the album : experimentation, instrumental work, addition of new members, hurt and acceptation. The thrill of the album is all summed up in one song.and the intensity given off is breathtaking! The listening is thrilling. Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster!

Hello, It’s You is a brilliantly succeeded milestone for Bearings and for the pop punk scene. From taking musical risks to getting vulnerable on paper while lining up a new band formation, we can only applaud the band’s work and the outcome – an audacious sophomore album that we will listen on repeat. The production’s quality echoes with the osmosis of the band itself. We are listening to five friends making music – and we can feel that. One can only admire, right?

Diane Houziaux

Ma vie actuelle se résume à écouter le dernier album de Trash Boat, Crown Shyness, 12 fois par jour. Entre temps, je pars dans d'autres pays voir Knuckle Puck.