bring me the horizon: post human: Survival horror (English Version)
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bring me the horizon: post human: Survival horror (English Version)

Bring Me The Horizon (BMTH) started as a metalcore band in 2006 with Count Your Blessings. Since then they have quite changed the route, wanting to experiment more with each new album. Oli Sykes and the rest of BMTH started to broaden their… horizons (yeah easy one I know…) with the ambition of being the most mainstream band of this genre so that they can be accessible to many many more. This race to innovation brought us a more electro side of BMTH with That’s The Spirit and a  surprising featuring with Canadian pop artist Grimes in their latest album amo. 

An old tale affirms Techno and Rock have a common ancestor; Indus’, an old genre associated with bands like Tools. And today BMTH is there to remind us that yes techno and rock can be linked.

We start with a bang, a violent and extremely fast one holding an exquisite bass drum from start to finish, and in that moment we understand the band didn’t come to play.

No time to rest here, we are directly brought to a different universe exotic, oriental eve. Again we can feel the itching need for the band to expand their palette and experiment with their sound.

Parasite Eve is brilliant from start to finish. We are sitting on the edge of our seats all the goddamn time! Think of Contagion movie (by Steven Soderbergh) on crack and thousands of stimulants. But just a bit gory. “Don’t call it a warning this is a war”. This breakdown – and the post chorus – is huge, splendid but also really oppressing just like this thing we are dealing with recently… you know this virus… This HUGE PANDEMIC. The project’s principal theme is obvious but maybe it is what we need? As straightforward and hardcore this song is, it is still innovative.

Keeping up with our listening we understand that the further we go the more accessible the songs are and less violent. The first song Dear Diary, is very sarcastic but most importantly extremely violent with an unbreathable rhythm, scattered thoughts and delirious sentences which resembles the state of our mental health during lockdowns. While we end this project with a ballad between Amy Lee and the singer Oli Sykes.

OBEY ends up being some kind of boring passive bridge, a safe bet. It kind of links what is crazy in BMTH with what is surprisingly more crazy in BMTH. Musically speaking we have seen this multiple times, the chorus is catchy -of course- but nothing to craze about… At the end of the day this song won’t stay in minds regarding this project (even though it has its purpose), which is for now pretty solid! New listeners were waiting for innovation with this collaboration with YUNGBLUD and it failed… I personally, was waiting a lot more from two of the country’s biggest artists in the scene. Something crazier, less commercial, newer.

Teardrops is -in my humble opinion- a pretty great tribute to Linkin Park. And we even have Amy Lee in this EP! All those little easter eggs are quite nice and refreshing.

The rest of the EP is as innovative as the rest. Itch For The Cure and Kingslayer are probably my personal favorite ones. I love the contrast but harmony there is in between Babymetal and the singer of BMTH. While Ludens gives us a tasty breakdown – with incredibly efficient fills on the drums – and weird “You call this a connexion?!…”

Yes, yes, yes. Structurally it is painfully boring but its stellar production saves it. This opus has a simple tracklist indeed, one we talked about earlier going from more violent to less violent with a bridge: the infamous OBEY. This project is suitable for newcomers who wants something innovative and different; and it will certainly enchant old ears. As a matter of fact this is BMTH‘s most cohesive project to date despite its cons.

To sum up, I would say this is a revamp innovative tribute EP. Hold on, listen. What they gave us has been explored by other artists before – bringing refreshing featurings with Nova Twins or Amy Lee won’t change that. But now there is this BMTH vibe to it. It is probably why I love this EP so much, it’s new, it’s violent when it needs to be and political how it needs to be. And I think this project is a good view of how things are going on right now. I know it’s been what I needed during this crisis. 

by Amy